TrumpShake II: I Am So Sorry

Reporters now say that the big reason Trump pulled out of the Paris Accord is because Macron did that handshake thing and then bragged about it. As he said in his speech, Trump doesn’t like the world laughing at him: “Hearing smack-talk from the Frenchman 31 years his junior irritated and bewildered Trump, aides said.” I am so sorry that I added to the giggles. I now realize that my unthinking mockery may have consigned the human species to extinction.

Now you may say that I am not to blame, that everyone is saying stuff about Trump and at least I didn’t mention tiny hands, and you may be thinking, “What is this guy? Some kind of special snowflake?” The answer is: Yes. I am. But snowflakes make avalanches. I am so sorry, folks.

(But I don’t promise not to do it again.)

3 comments on “TrumpShake II: I Am So Sorry

  1. The consequences are still revealing themselves. Macron offering asylum to American scientists, wanting to end run the feds by dealing directly with the states… Its almost as though the French are threatening “We helped bring your Union into the world, we can also help take it apart!” (en Francais, d’accord.)

  2. koffer2015 says:

    No Mike, thanks for the giggles.

    Trump may have consigned the human species to extinction but weather channel videos show he will especially impact the good old coastal USA.

    Donald will drown more ‘New Orleans’ sooner, now that he’s seeing to it – as Leonard Cohen put it that:

    “The chains are gone from heaven” and “The storms are wild and free”:

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