Catching Up On Old Posts

Here’s some new stuff about these posts:

The Death of Neil Heywood:
As expected, Gu Kailai was found guilty of murder and Bo Xilai’s political career seems to be done. He may yet stand trial, though all is rumor at this point. Likewise, Wang Lijun may stand trial, once he is released from the “vacation-style” medical facility where he is being held. Questions about the murder remain. One persistent story is that Wang Lijun kept a vial of blood from Heywood’s body before it was cremated so that he could prove that Gu Kailai murdered Heywood with cyanide. An e-book on the affair by Australian journalist John Garnaut: The Rise and Fall of the House of Bo sums up current knowledge. Garnaut thinks that we may never know the full story.

John McAfee Is On The Run:
 Using his blog as a dodge, McAfee slipped into Guatemala where he claimed asylum. Puzzled authorities asked asylum from what? Belize had issued no arrest warrant and authorities said that they simply wanted to question McAfee. McAfee claimed that he was in danger of being murdered if he returned to Belize. Guatemala said that he had entered the country illegally and now must leave. After some legal wrangling and a faked heart attack, McAfee managed to get himself shipped back to the US. He was last heard of in Miami where he claims to be waiting for his Belizean girl friend, One reason given for McAfee’s leaving the US in the first place was to avoid a Wrongful Death lawsuit in Arizona. Now McAfee claims not to have any money in the US. Few believe him. Journalist Jeff Wise, who has reported on McAfee for years believes that the man has fried his brains on “bath salts” = cathinone-like drugs or MDVP. In a series of posts to a Russian drugs forum, McAfee claimed MDVP to be the best drug ever. Later, he claimed that the messages were all a joke. Who the hell knows?

Is Football Finished?:
The notion behind the post was that concussions would end American football. One of the articles linked there suggested that the end would come when people started suing colleges and universities for brain injuries suffered while playing ball. Since then, there have been some high profile examples of concussed college players being sent back into the fray. Professional sports have adopted certain protocols for dealing with concussion that involve time spent away from play and medical examination. College sports have no such guidelines and the NCAA seems unwilling to deal with the problem, because even acknowledging the situation might make the Association liable. So, when the lawsuits are filed, they will be aimed at individual schools. We’ll see how long that takes before something really happens. Meanwhile, the NFL keeps tweaking the rules to try to lessen the danger of concussions. One move has been to move the point of kickoff further up the field — to the 35-yard line presently — so as to force more touchbacks and fewer returns that end in particularly high-speed impacts. Some are advocating ending kickoffs altogether.

Gendarme at the Bugarach roadblock. [Patrick Aventurier/Getty Images]

Gendarme at the Bugarach roadblock. [Patrick Aventurier/Getty Images]

The End Is Nigh, Find the High Ground:
The village of Bugarach has been declared off-limits to doomsters, but the horde of outsiders who have descended on the town have been mostly journalists. Not finding the swarms of VW vans and crowds of doomed New Agers, the Press became upset and has blamed the mayor for starting a false rumor. Well, at one point it wasn’t so false and, before French authorities cordoned off the mountain, a number of folks did get up top. Anyway, this story is happening right this minute and may require further updates — if that is still possible tomorrow.


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  1. Josean. says:

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