The Morning After

Some folks are unhappy with last night’s US Presidential election because it didn’t turn out the way they wanted. For instance, here’s Lord Black, the man you love to hate, with a dose of vitriol: “This has been one of the dumbest, most futile and impartially unsatisfactory presidential elections in American history.”

Don’t hold back, Connie! CBC Radio had five-year-old Mitchell Cait-Goldenthal read some of Black’s words on air:

“…some fiscal blunderbuss will be confected that will make a snail’s progress on the deficit and strangle the pitiful squeak of economic recovery that this regime has generated with pelagic blood-lettings of debt.” What does that mean? [Mitchell asks] It’s really weird what I’m reading.

Yes it is, Mitchell, weird and wonderful! Few can match Conrad Black in bombastic bullshit. Certainly not Donald Trump whose much-publicized post-vote tweets just aren’t up to the Lord’s mark. Compare “This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy!” with “dumbest, most futile and impartially unsatisfactory…” What does “impartially unsatisfactory” mean? Who cares! It’s so wonderfully clumsy that I’m going to use it all the time. “That movie was the dumbest, most futile and impartially unsatisfactory film I have ever seen.” “That hamburger was the most impartially unsatisfactory sandwich I have ever eaten.” “The weather today is the most futile and impartially unsatisfactory in Canadian history.”

Many Romnivores are so horrified by the election results that they are taking drastic action:

Starting early this morning, I am going to un-friend every single individual on Facebook who voted for Obama, or I even suspect may have Democrat leanings. I will do the same in person. All family and friends, even close family and friends, who I know to be Democrats are hereby dead to me. I vow never to speak to them again for the rest of my life, or have any communications with them. They are in short, the enemies of liberty. They deserve nothing less than hatred and utter contempt.

That writer goes on to say that, if your spouse showed any Democratic tendencies, you should get a divorce; if family functions like Christmas or Thanksgiving celebrations will be attended by Democrats, boycott them; if there are Democrats where you work, quit. This is an application of John Galt tactics to social relationships. If folks don’t agree with you, shun them! Deprive them of your valued company while you go out back and eat worms.

Of course a great deal was at stake in the election, including questions of international order:

The greatest satisfaction today over the re-election of Obama is not being felt in the Democratic Party. It is not being felt among the media, who are no longer objective observers but have turned instead into corrupt partisans who ruthlessly censored the truth about Obama and helped peddle his demonising propaganda about his opponent. It is not being felt among the gloating, drooling decadents of the western left who now scent a great blood-letting of all who dare defy their secular inquisition. No, the greatest satisfaction is surely being felt in Iran.

Don’t you just love “gloating, drooling decadents of the western left”. That’s up to Conrad Black standards. Okay, before I go wipe the gloat off my chin, here’s “The Five Stages of Grief at Fox News“. Denial: “I still think Mitt Romney wins when it’s all over.” (Mike Huckabee); Anger: as expressed by just about every Fox commentator; Bargaining: Karl Rove begs Fox to reverse its call that Ohio will go Obama, the anchor goes down to the decision desk and tries to get them to retract their prediction of an Obama victory; Depression: Charles Krauthammer offers to write prescriptions for anyone who needs drugs. So that’s only four stages. They haven’t reached Acceptance yet.


2 comments on “The Morning After

  1. The Nag says:

    Any enemy of Conrad is a friend of mine.

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