One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding

The Bank of Canada is introducing new plastic money. Now the story has come out that the original design for the $100 bill was changed because a focus group said that the woman on the reverse side looked “Asian”. So she was re-designed to be raceless, which is to say, White:

Now the question is: what did that woman look like before being changed into what to all westerners is an obvious Quebeçoise? One of my contacts at the BoC managed to smuggle out a specimen given to the focus group:

But hold on, another contact produced this one:

And yet another came up with this bill:

Why so many? Well, it seems that the original $100 bill, designed by immigration minister Jason Kenney pleased no one, so there was much image changing. Here’s Kenney’s design:

This is the same government that began minting coins that wouldn’t work in parking meters, that killed the penny, and now this. I thought Conservatives were supposed to be smart about money.


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