Most Ridiculous Posters At Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival just closed and I know you already know all the prize-winners and who got the palme d’Or and all that. But many films show at Cannes and some of them aren’t so great. Adam Chitwood at Collider took pictures of twenty-two posters that he thought were strange. This one cracked me up:

SMUUUUSHH!! Look out for flying chunks of coal. Ahhh! I got a carrot in the eye! And look: Cameos from Christopher Lloyd AND Ray Liotta. Man, you just know their careers are fading. Now I’m hoping this is kind of a kid’s horror movie where the snowmen come back and haunt these violent brats but Chris and Ray are looking all kind and grandfatherly and not worried about impending death, so I suppose this is going to be one of those kids Learning a valuable Lesson type films. No monsters. Unless the Macauley Culkin clone driving the sled has a vivid nightmare or something.

Hannah at Bleeding Cool took the group of twenty-two and condensed it to a list of the ten most ridiculous posters ranked from least deserving of the title to, well, most ridiculous. Here’s #10:

Ho-hum. Another lesbian vampire warrior movie.

But this is different: Vampire Dog (Hang With Fang In 2012!) is #7:

This one made #4 on Hannah’s list:

That’s good though I don’t quite understand the title. I mean, sushi is already dead, isn’t it? Unless you’re in a really extreme Japanese restaurant but let’s not follow this thought any further. Probably a translation error, should be Death Sushi or maybe Sushi of Doom or Fangs for All the Fish.

Hannah has some sharp commentary that is funny. You may not agree with her choices but, when it comes to most ridiculous or most strange or most demented, I think  everyone will agree with Hannah’s #1:


One comment on “Most Ridiculous Posters At Cannes

  1. nursemyra says:

    Ha! they’re great

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