Gentlemen, the Queen!

This weekend we have Victoria Day, which is, officially, the Queen’s Birthday. That’s right, Elizabeth was not born May 21 but, by law, that’s when she blows out the candles on her cake. You don’t always have things the way you want when you’re Queen. Sometimes you face difficulties:

Sometimes you have to hang out with people that you’d rather not. But one must carry on, mustn’t one. Do your duty. Lie back and think of England. All that.


And there are times when those you count on for support, fail you. Sometimes they make a mockery of the entire thing:

 Don’t get me wrong: there are enjoyable moments sometimes.

But often one is faced with dreadfullness.

Such as the royal portrait.

Good God!

And sometimes one wishes for a little privacy, some place where one can ditch the white gloves and deal with personal matters.

But in the end, one must soldier on.

The Queen! God bless her!


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