Melchizedek’s Dominion

There is a connected group of con men out to fleece everyone they can. These con men have a nation: the Dominion of Melchizedek. This is about that nation and these con men.

David Evan Pedley was a con man. He taught his son Mark to be a con man. Together they wrote a new Bible and created a nation. They also swindled millions of dollars from people.

David Pedley was part of a loose organization of a hundred or so con men that came together after the Second World War. During the 1960s this group specialized in “Prime Bank Securities”, a non-existent class of investments. Chief among these criminals was Dr. Clifford Noe. (That’s right, Dr. No.) Noe was finally busted in 1972. Wall Street Journal reporter Jonathan Kwitny described this organization in his book The Fountain Pen Conspiracy. In that book, Kwitny called David Pedley “the world’s greatest con man”.

Pedley was indicted on several charges and served a few years in jail. After testifying against an organized crime family associated with some of his schemes, he was taken into a witness protection program in 1975 and given the name David Wellington. He was moved to California where he teamed up with his son in a real estate-based scam that also involved a former state Deputy Attorney General. Facing numerous indictments, the Pedleys fled to Mexico. For a time these two ran a money-laundering racket based on an imaginary off-shore bank. Mark Pedley was arrested and deported for a visa violation. Soon, David was incarcerated in a Mexican jail. It was there that he began writing The Melchizedek Bible.

David Pedley (center) in his Mexican prison, 1985. Doesn't look like your idea of a nasty Mexican prison, does it?

In the 1940s and ’50s, David Pedley had taken lessons from Dr. Josiah Merriman, a Christian Science mystic who promoted a system based around Melchizedek, a priest mentioned twice in the Old Testament and several times in Hebrews. Over the centuries, Melchizedek has been cited by Jewish and Christian mystics as some kind or other of special being ranging from Excellent Priest to Jesus In Person.

Christian Science mysticism is, well, pretty mystical. Mary Baker Eddy emphasized spiritual truth over material evidence — “Mind” over matter — which can be a very useful tenet to a con man. After all, if reality is what we believe rather than what we can sense, than those imagined Prime Bank Securities are real. At any rate Pedley re-wrote the King James Bible (or “re-translated” it) to reflect this concept. The first part of Genesis does not refer to God creating the world of matter, it’s a metaphor for divine revelation. Or something like that.

While David was working on his holy task, Mark was in and out of jail. During the times when he was in, Mark also participated in correcting the errors in the King James Bible. By 1986, the father and son writing team had finished the important parts of this work: Genesis, Exodus, Matthew, and Revelation which was published as The Melchizedek Bible. But it was also during this time that Mark and David came up with the idea of creating a nation. Of course they named it after Melchizedek, but at this point, the country was only a name, it had no territory.

David died in 1987. At least there is an official death certificate for him from that year. When his body was received in California, Mark refused to allow authorities to fingerprint it. Some law enforcement officers believe that David never died and is still out there today, conning people. The Dominion of Melchisedek has an ambiguous comment: “…certain government regulators doubt that David is really dead. Perhaps they are correct, since good never dies.”

Mark Pedley's 1991 mugshot.

Mark was finally paroled in 1990. Immediately he changed his name to Tzemach ben David Netzer Korem. Later, this became Branch Vinedresser, which is, Mark says, the translation. He also operated as David Korem and, probably, other identities. Very soon after being paroled, he went back into defrauding people and was quickly busted for parole violations. Released in 1993, Mark married Elvira Gamboa ( AKA Pearlsasia and forty or so other aliases). These two set about finding territory for the Dominion of Melchizedek. Gamboa became its first president. The idea was that the DoM was an “ecclesiastical state”, like the Vatican, even though Pedley has been careful not to push an official Melchizedekan cult.

Over the years there have been several locations for this imaginary nation: Karitane Atoll that is underwater half the day, a slice of Antarctica that seemed unclaimed [see end of post for more], an island off South America composed entirely of guano (is that a metaphor or what?), and so on and so forth. Official entities from Fiji, the Marshall Islands, and many other places have denied that the Dominion of Melchizedek exists even though it claims to be situated in their territory. Here’s one location, Taongi or Ratak Atoll in the Marshall Islands group:

That's a GoogleEarth view of Ratak atoll which encloses what must be a pretty lagoon. The strip of land on the east is, at its widest, 750 meters across. The atoll is uninhabited.

Why bother with all this? Well, if you have a nation you can issue currency and license banks and incorporate businesses. You can give legitimacy to organizations and institutions. If all else fails, you can sell passports. In 1998, three men who claimed a connection with Melchizedek were caught selling passports in the Phillipines for as much as $3500 each. The trio had cleared more than a million dollars in two years. One, an Australian who was already famous for a race horse fraud, escaped. The other two went to jail for a while. Mark Pedley made an official Melchizedekean announcement that anyone connected with the fraud would be removed from office in that nation. 

Branch Vinedresser alias Mark Pedley

By that time, the Dominion of Melchizedek was fairly well known to law enforcement who, time and again, made unequivocal statements that the nation was a phony and investors should steer away from any scheme connected with it. But during the 1990s, several places were fooled and actually accepted Melchizedekan passports. Mark Pedley travelled to Fiji on one and was thus able to say that Fiji recognized his nation.

Oh, yes, this is all an amusing farce and hipsters can buy a flashy cool passport to show their friends and be in on the joke. Pedley doesn’t mind a straight-faced joke or two. The quote above about his father’s death, for instance, or, after claiming a wedge of Antarctica, the list of Melchizedek’s officials changing to include a M. Pinguin. And I bet he thought it was amusing to declare war on France when they commenced nuclear testing near Ratak and then to claim victory when the tests ended two days early. It’s easy to laugh at other people being fooled and they had too much money anyway and you can’t fool an honest man and so on. But you might reflect that those folks scraping together the money for Melchizdekan passports were looking for a way to travel to places where they could earn a living as chambermaids and janitors.

But let’s look at a Melchizedekan con man and some of his games. Oregonian Gilbert Allen Ziegler (alias Van Arthur Brink) has engaged in a number of curious operations. In the 1980s Allen was involved with various religious organizations, especially the Helping Hands Ministries and the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship that he controlled. In 1994 Gilbert was bankrupt but found a new start in Hawaii thanks to $25000 he inveigled from an Oregon woman. He created an investment scheme that brought in cash — he was promising 250% returns — and quickly parlayed this nest egg into enough to buy a Nauru banking license for $50000. [The above and what follows, except where otherwise linked, is from One Big Fib: The Incredible Story of the Fraudulent First International Bank of Grenada by Owen Platt.]

Gilbert Ziegler

Nauru is a place with less than 8000 residents — the Vatican is the only country on earth with fewer people — but for a little while it made enough from selling phosphate reserves — guano mostly — so that everyone thought they were rich. When the phosphate boom ended, Nauru turned to money laundering and scam-sheltering. Lots of bad banks were licensed in Nauru. But here is the thing, any official bank licensed anywhere has cachet in international finance.

The Fidelity International Bank of Nauru was an entry and a learning stage for Ziegler. He assembled a team and learned something about banking. The Nauru bank was a class “B” institution, meaning that a class “A” bank was overseeing its operation, so Ziegler had to take some care not to do anything too outrageous. He targeted Christians, claiming a new kind of bank that was out to help rather than exploit. And, so long as he was class “B”, opportunties to exploit were limited. All this was just experience. Ziegler and his team aimed at creating a class “A” bank where they could rip to their heart’s content. Enter Grenada.

Grenada is a small country best-known for being invaded by Ronald Reagan when it threatened to form a commie government. After that, Grenada went whole-hog capitalist and became the launching pad for many not-so-legitimate enterprises. It wasn’t that hard for Ziegler to set up a bank there, especially after showed his credentials from the Dominion of Melchizedek who had appointed him Melchizedek’s Ambassador to the Caribbean.

So the First International Bank of Grenada was capitalized by the Dominion of Melchizedek. It’s not that hard. It’s just a process of getting the government (of Melchizedek) to recognize the worth of whatever you’re selling, they give you some paper and you’re rockin’. In one case worthless land in Arizona was valued at millions of dollars by Melchizedek to further one of the Pedley/Gamboa schemes. In this case Melchizedek pledged billions of dollars and a carved ruby that was priceless as well as non-existent, just like the billions.

So the First International Bank of Grenada was set up and immediately began an investment program that drew in millions of dollars. Of course, this was a ponzi scheme. On top of it the bank also had a pyramid scheme, where people being scammed were rewarded for bringing in new investors, and a series of motivational programs meant to suck you in another way. Investors who became a little anxious were remined that the bank was protected by the Investors Deposit Insurance Company and was, like all banks, audited. Few investors realized that the IDIC was also part of the fraudulent banking network based in Melchizedek and that the auditor was a CPA who had lost his license. The FIBG was lucrative enough to spawn other projects and sub-licensed about thirty-five other Grenada banks, all of them scams.

People did become suspicious and David Marchant, who publishes an on-line newsletter looking at overseas investments, was just about certain that FIBG and its offspring banks were scams. Pressure mounted and finally Ziegler decamped for Africa, where he had formed some connections. When FIBG failed satellite banks also went under. Grenada’s banking system collapsed and did not recover for years. Some $375 Milion vanished.

 When Grenada’s Bank of World Peace, founded by an ex-Transcendental Mediation guru named Taansen Sumeru, and its prime investment opportunity, Quantum Gold, disintegrated, Sumeru shrugged and said it was all due to “dark forces”.  Sumeru had written a book on Sovereignty Consciousness, the notion that you are your own country if only you realize it — that sounds much like Mind over matter to me.

Anyway, in 1999 while authorities in Grenada were still dithering about what to do, Ziegler set up shop in Uganda. There he got a plum assignment. [What follows is from Dancing in the Glory of Monsters: The Collapse of the Congo and the Great War of Africa by Jason Stearns.]
Laurent Kabila had recently won control of Congo but Rwanda was unhappy with him and sought a replacement. Then Vice-President Paul Kagame of Rwanda created the Congolese Rally for Democracy (RCD) in 1998 as a front for armed intervention in the neighboring country. An idealistic and well-meaning man, Earnest Wamba, was made leader of the RCD. Wamba wanted to better living conditions in the Congo by investing in health, eduction, and infrastructure. Instead, he was leader of a group controlled by foreign powers that massacred thousands and looted every place they occupied. In desperation Wamba sought outside investment and discovered Gilbert Ziegler.

Earnest Wamba 1998

It’s interesting to ponder the spectacle of a representitive of a fictitious government’s non-existent bank negotiating with the leader of a non-existent revolution that, if successful, would set up a puppet government. Anyway,  you know what’s going to happen. Ziegler uses his official position to raise money that never goes to the Congolese. Wamba, at first irrelevant, then farcical, loses sight of his goals. Surrounded by child soldiers, he gives speeches about protecting children. In 1999 he is chased out of office. The endless agony that is the war for central Africa continues.

The point here is that Ziegler sucked profit from all this misery and that, I think, typifies the con men and women based in the Dominion of Melchizedek. These people are neither nice nor amusing.  Ziegler was finally extradited and charged in the US. He died in prison, awaiting trial, in 2005.
Meanwhile, Mark Pedley and his wife continued their various thieveries. In 1994 a so-called 60-40 scheme fell apart in England and then the Inner Sanctum investment group (registered in Melchizedek) behind it after someone calling himself His Serene Highness Gerald-Dennis Sayn-Wittgenstein-Hohenstein was revealed as a fraud. Scams in the West Indies, Hong Kong, and the US came to light, all with a connection to the Dominion of Melchizedek. Officially, the DoM was very upset and liquidated a bank or two of the many that they licensed and distanced itself from con men like Jeff Reynolds, Melchizedek’s Secretary of Commerce, when he was jailed for insurance fraud. Finally, in 2010, Mark Pedley was jailed in Florida for a penny-stock fraud.

The way the fraud worked was that a whole lot of stock was issued based on worthless mining claims. The shares were then sold for pennies until enough people were on the hook, then a few hundred shares were bought for $5 each. The jump in stock prices seemed to indicate a jump in value so people bought a lot until Pedley and his accomplices sold their shares at an inflated price. They were set to make hundreds of thousands when the authorities moved in.

Elvira Gamboa continues the Melchizedek operation. She has been investigated since 1995 and has managed to avoid prosecution. She is a very spiritual person, she assures everyone, it was her ex-husband, Mark Pedley, who committed the crimes and she is shocked, shocked to hear about his depradations. The state of California continues to pursue an indictment against her which has caused Gamboa to declare “spiritual war” on the state.

”]”]The organization of con men that Zwitny identified still operates. In reading about the Pedleys and Melchizedek the same names crop up again and again. Con men have longevity:  in 2002, a 74-year-old Dr. Noe was convicted of fraud, thirty years after Zwitny first wrote about him. Mark Pedley is due to be released from his Florida cell this June.


Besides everything linked above here is an enormous amount of information presented in as confusing a way as possible. But if you skim and sift there is a lot in the link.

More on Antarctica:

Here’s a map of Antarctica with international claims. The Dominion of Melchizedek claims the territory between 90 and 150 degrees W. On this map that is shown as claimed by the Republic of New Lemuria. Hmmmm….

Say! I notice that New Lemuria speaks of itself in the same exact words as the Dominion of Melchizedek — ecclesiastical sovereignty and so on. Created 1994, the Republic also has land in… What! Taongi? Karitane Atoll? So the Republic of Lemuria claims all the territory that Melchizedek does; is it a splinter scam? Virtual war? I would like for this to be a secret artists’ coup ousting the criminals but then I hear that New Lemuria is the base for a Prophecy Research Institute that gives psychic investment advice and I know there’s no hope.

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  1. Mike N says:

    Great story on Gilbert Ziegler – one mistake though – he was indeed arrested by FBI agents in Uganda, extradited to the US and died while awaiting trial.

  2. Strande says:

    I met Ziegler and his friend Ferguson…..they were so phony!!…their cologne smelled like someone poured Hai Karate on horseshit

    Strande Henry

  3. Jeannette Amador says:

    very interesting stuff. I am a relative of Ferguson and NOT proud of it. Thanks for printing what you know… it was more than I knew.

  4. Smith says:

    What is the connection, if any, of David Parker Williams of North Carolina who claims to be an ambassador at large for the DoM currently. He says that he was given the leadership position when the previous leaders went to jail, and he has since reorganized the DoM and has cancelled all previously issued passports. Is there a connection to Gamboa, because he says none of the previous members are part of the DoM anymore? He has mentioned the atoll in the Marshall Islands, but not any other locations.

    • mikulpepper says:

      So far as I can tell, Parker-Williams is another of those deluded people who think that some technicality or other keeps them from having to pay taxes. There are folks who claim that the fringe on the flag in US courts exempt them, there are Canadians who claim to belong to some spurious first nations group or other, and so on. Ask Wesley Snipes how well that works out.

      • You know…it’s amazing how; after years of work in the Federal Courts, the Supreme Court, and the International Court at the Hague…someone (a friend) can go searching on the miraculous tool called “INTER-NET”…and find idiots who profess to “know something”… that literally have no first-hand knowledge of anything.

        And, then according to you….this “free blog site” that cost you nothing…is simply about “stuff” that interest you. I would ask “what interested you about DoM and its founders”….but I really don’t care.

        What I do care about is all of your false statements, lies, and ignorance. Hi…the name is David-Parker: Williams. I am a Sovereign Head of State for a Nation operating in accord with the LAW OF NATIONS and UN Resolution 2625 and with the INTERNATIONAL COVENANT ON CIVIL AND POLITICAL RIGHTS…wherein the Entire World has agreed by these conventions, treaties, and treatises that “ALL PEOPLES HAVE THE RIGHT OF SELF DETERMINATION” (that’s in Article 1 of of the ICCPR and Article 2 of the UN Charter) …and that “all people upon reaching the age of discretion, have the Right to Quit a Society/State to which they were born if they find it not advantageous” (that’s LAW OF NATIONS, book 1 section 220).

        As One who has submitted papers to US Courts as Ambassador and had them write back to me as Ambassador; as One who has sued the IRS on 2 separate occasions for its fraud upon me and my family via the Fraudulent 9 to 1 Ponzi Tontine System that you operate in and are in collusion with; and as One who would not and will not allow any Governmental System that rules over people like you…to rule over me, when by learning a “little law” I can do exactly as the Founders of the USA did and “assume my separate and equal station among the Powers of the Earth” by my “Pledge of Life, Fortune, and Honor” to a Separate State….and since the IRS itself stopped writing to me in 2006 when I sent to the UNITED STATES my personal DECLARATION OF PEACE AND RECONCILIATION….then, please tell me why I should care about the falsehood and lies that you spew out on some “free site”.??

        Who are you? You could be sitting in some Mental Institution or Insane Asylum for all I or anyone else knows on this “free blog”. And, that includes “Lucy” down below…who does not “know me” or know anything about what she’s posted in this forum, either. All either of you have is “misinformation and hearsay”….which I will show.

        And by the way…just so you know; I personally believe that the Pedleys are just as disingenuous and whacked as you are…but not for the same reasons. They did not know International Law. They did not read and study how this planet works…in accordance with the LAW OF NATIONS, as it is mentioned in the United States Constitution. They did not understand that you “cannot” license banks without a Treaty in place “among the other nations”. And, they did not understand their condition of “duality” which is why they did not “go to prison” for being a member of DOM; but instead went to prison as US Citizens. In fact, no one that is “properly involved with DOM” has ever been arrested as a Member of DoM, or has served time in prison as a Member of DOM, or has been arrested or served time for anything.

        Trying to clear up your ignorance would take weeks of time that I don’t have. So, I will try to keep this

        You wrote (above on the ): “Why bother with all this? Well, if you have a nation you can issue currency and license banks and incorporate businesses.”

        You are a liar and you are wrong. You cannot “issue currency” or “license banks” just because you “have a nation”. Without being signatories to Banking Treaties that “run this planet”; you cannot “license a bank” or “put currency” into anyone else’ jurisdiction. A State, that Contracts with or is in Treaty with other Nations…must have agreements for “PAR VALUE” of Their State Currency. This Planet operates by Agreements and Contracts, which way back in the mid-90’s (the crap 20 years ago that you write about…falsely, as I have just shown)..the DoM didn’t have agreements to “license banks” or anything else.

        You wrote: “You can give legitimacy to organizations and institutions.”

        Not unless it is accepted by other Nations. And, DoM did have those acceptances. I know; since I “pledged” to the State in 2006…I have seen the documents and evidences…not that they are any of your concern…since you’re just some subject/citizen/debtor/slave who has “pledged to bear TRUE FAITH TO THE QUEEN” within the Canadian Matrix that now reports all of its Governmental Bond Filings with the US SEC. (sounds like the Queen has shuffled the deck and put your Canadian Corp under USA, INC.)

        You wrote: “If all else fails, you can sell passports.”

        Uh, your government sells passports. I lived in St. Kitts..there were Street Vendors and various other crooks that sold passports through “government officials”. I was solicited to purchase one of these for 20,000.00. So how come you aren’t writing about that and the fact that it goes on in every other country….including folks “coming into the US and Canada”??

        You wrote: “In 1998, three men who claimed a connection with Melchizedek were caught selling passports in the Phillipines for as much as $3500 each. The trio had cleared more than a million dollars in two years.”

        And, do you know whether these were CIA operatives that were making “knock-off” copies of other Nation’s passports. Were you even there? You are reporting on a report…and have not verified anything.

        However; that was before I came on the scene to “clean up problems” in the DOM and start operating correctly in INTERNATIONAL LAW. So, what’s it got to do with me, you idiot? I don’t claim anything about “flags”. And, my dad died 2.5 years ago and left an IRA for me. Prudential sent forms that said…”if you’re a US citizen, check this box and supply SSN”….and “if you’re a resident alien in the US, check this box and supply IRS Form W-8 BEN.” Prudential agents and I had a little discussion about a TAX TREATY between the US and DOM; but 3 weeks after I sent in the correct W-8 Foreign Exempt Form…I got the check.

        So…since I’m not “DUAL”….because I understand the “problem” with “jurisdictional duality”… as the US State Department states it on their site “certain policy level positions are incompatible with being a US citizen”….and since I have sued the IRS twice…and since the IRS has not contacted me since 2006 when I did my DECLARATION OF PEACE AND RECONCILIATION as Ambassador….and since I operate in accordance with the Right of Embassy as written in Book 4 of the LAW OF NATIONS…and since the US Courts have written to me as Ambassador…and since I just visit the Michigan Court in September 2014 to retrieve records from 2006 and had conversation with the US MARSHALS directly….and since it obvious that THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT AND ALL OF ITS AGENTS monitor everything…including this little blog of yours and my comments on it…..WHO DO YOU THINK HAS MORE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE TRUE EVENTS that you “find so interesting” …but cannot report correctly about?

        You are nothing more than a willing puppet for your slave masters. Some of what was written; 15-20 years ago….it maybe true. The money part and the swindles….not true. I researched these people. They’ve NEVER HAD MONEY. Egos…..? Yes; like you and most other idiots on this planet (like this “Lucy” below)….who think they “know something”. The founders of DOM were religious zealots. They are dead….so why don’t you idiots let them lie in peace.

        As far as me….you know nothing about me and what I’ve done to correct all the problems for 8+ years that the Pedleys and Richard McDonald left behind. This REPUBLIC OF LEMURIA that McDonald thinks he’s “founded” is all crap. He resigned in June of 2008…and on top of that, he was a “dual citizen” that NEVER UNDERSTOOD International Law, either.

        I’m going to end this, in this manner. I don’t care for idiots like you. You’re a “do-nothing” and a willing,”dis-interested” third-party lap-dog with entirely “too much” time on your hands…if all you have to write about is crap that happened 20 years ago.

        Now…you want to write about me…that’s different. However, I am not going to engage in trying to “teach” you or anyone else here a single thing…without it being in FAIR AND OPEN FORUM so that you cannot continue to hide in your little asylum behind your little keyboard. I have a forum and I will debate you on any topic you want to debate. I will allow you to bring any alleged Expert on Law…and I will allow you to bring the moderator.

        I did what I did to help myself and others. I teach to help others…and I do not apologize for charging for the education I provide. I “collapse” people’s learning curve…so that they don’t have to STEP ON ALL THE LANDMINES that I did…and have money confiscated because they didn’t know the International Rules of the Game.

        I owe the US no taxes, because I’m not a US citizen you twit. You have no “right” to publish any information or anything about me without VERIFYING YOUR INFORMATION. You run around and complain about this very thing “in the media” and then you do it yourself….which means you’re just as much a “jerk” and idiot as those you complain about….including the Pedleys. You are just some narcissist sitting behind a computer pretending to be a “publisher OF STUFF” because you have nothing better to do.

        But….I will prostrate myself before you and anyone else on this forum that wants to debate in a fair and open forum…where “real issues” of the CURRENT DAY can be discussed…and not some nebulous, innocuous information about events that DO NOT MATTER, today. You can contact me via my site at “”. My assistant will arrange the debate…and once we agree on the rules and determine that you actually have an impartial and valid moderator that will follow the rules…then you can come back into this little forum of yours and anyone else that you would like and “prove to them” what it is that “is as far as you can tell” from that VAST KNOWLEDGE of me that you have.

  5. Lucy says:

    Great readings. Yes I too have heard of and personally know William David Parker aka David Parker: Williams. He has bogus companies and has a website were people pay monthly to hear his Ludacris ways of thinking and supposed knowledge. All the money that he makes from this website, he doesn’t even pay taxes on because he has given up his social security number and one of the companies that he has, Davishar, (formed in New Mexico and he lives in NC…odd) is tax exempt and the listed founder is S.D. Stone which happens to be David’s grandfather that died back in the 1980’s, however, this LLC was formed in 2003. Maybe he resurrected from the dead to form this company for his grandson He now tells people that he is the “Prime Minister” of DoM and boast of getting out of speeding tickets and such with his fake passport that he prints at his home computer. Is there any way to turn people like this in for their fraud and thievery?

    • mikulpepper says:

      Not that I know of. I am amazed by the blatant criminality of people like this.

      • No!! You are not amazed. You just say that between tokes on your little marijuana stick …while the world around you goes to hell in a hand-basket.

        You allow your banks and politicians to rob you blind…and you don’t even give a crap. Oh no, you have to write about “alleged con men” that you didn’t know….from 20 or 30 years ago.

        And then you failed to answer the gentleman’s questions about me….and according to those questions…somehow he has a lot more information about me than you do. HOW BLATANTLY ARROGANT. You could have just said that “you don’t know”…because YOU DON’T. But, no; you had to respond “as if you know”….because your ego would not allow you to do otherwise.

        You stand for nothing. You don’t want the Truth….not really. Or else…you’d have come onto my website and confronted me directly…and then posted the results of that here. You “should” have been able to report of my “great cowardice” and “how I hide from ALLEGED TRUTH CRUSADERS” like you.

        I, on the other hand….should not have to have “my people” scour the internet for cowards like you. YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME OR MY WORK. You know nothing of the people, like the Bolivian Dario Busch and others that were arrested on “trumped up charges”…that I’ve kept out of prison…..AT NO COST TO THEM.

        You’re a boor….a churl…a wannabe “reporter”/publisher…that spits out “ad hoc” articles and ad hominem attacks on “the defenseless”…due to your lack of courage to “go ask the source”.

        But….amazed? No…..I’m the One that should say that “I’m amazed”….but, the world is full of humans like you…that have no concern for Truth, no concern for who they damage, and live with the Agent Smith….”me, me, me” Attitude.

        The fortunate part of this is that it looks like you have only a few sycophantic followers.

        PS: Smith, uh AGENT SMITH….if you want to know something or see documents and records; I have those.

        PSS: My passport is not printed, bonded, stamped, impressed, embassed….and/or otherwise; inserted with OUR NEW RFIDs (in order to keep current and abreast of International Law)…on MY HOME COMPUTER. But, I am impressed about you “just happening to find out about my grandfather”. You don’t just find that by looking up William D Parker or David-Parker: Williams. I don’t know any “Lucy”….but you’re smelling like an agent who’s putting out information just to see if “we” (my team) find it. If so….”we’re on it”. I have no problems with you or the US. “WE” have the Peace Agreement. The matters are reconciled; and we are in compliance with the International Public Order and Book 2; sections 20, 125-135 of LON.

        You’ve got a lot wrong with “your post”…such as, “have heard of” and “personally know” do not belong in the same sentence. NO ONE that I know of…including myself….would say that they “have heard of” someone…if they “personally knew them”. Most anyone would simply say “Yes, I know them personally”. But, “have heard of” and “personally know”…..uh….NOT.

        Also….why did you put a “cap” on the “mis-spelled” word: Luda-cris.???

        Also, anyone knows that an “LLC” is not “tax exempt”….

        And, how would you know a single thing about my home computer. Computer don’t “print”. The Printer prints…and ALL PRINTING COMPANIES USE COMPUTERS AND ADOBE ACROBAT for the printing of Identifications. The Passport work is contracted out. The exterior Leatherette comes from Sanford, NC and all of the other work is done in Jacksonville.

        So…who in the hell are you? A stalker…? A watcher…? Agent Provacateur…? You claim you “know me personally”…..while I know very few people “personally” and live an almost exclusive hermetic livestyle. Oh…I get out…but hardly anyone gets close enough to me to mention my “home computerr”. I have ADOBE PRO on my computer….but “my computer” doesn’t do the printing. I’d like to know how you know that ADOBE PRO is on My Home Computer. That information is not on any website or any blog posts or any youtube presentation.

        So…who are you, really….Lucy? I know the idiot that wrote this article is a retard..but, you know way to much personal information. Not intimate details….just things that a “hack” or “agent” would know. I don’t use Davishar Financial, LLC any more and haven’t for years. Mentioning this in relation to my grandfather is not “coincidence”. You chose the name “Lucy”, the name of my maternal grandmother, for this reason….didn’t you?

    • This is David: Williams…and NO….you do not “personally know me”. In fact, I know no one named “Lucy” other than my deceased grandmother…and I’m sure that you’re not her.

      Any “company” that I “have” is legitimate and properly licensed to do business within whatever “State”, “nation” or other jurisdiction…in accordance with all proper agreements and contracts relating to said “business”. If that is US…then it is registered correctly.

      I have people that do pay. Not monthly any more; since the website has been archived on DVD. If it’s your opinion that you don’t want to pay…that your affairs. Since you started out your comment by telling a bald-faced lie….I could care less about your opinion. There are plenty of others that do not agree with you and would consider you “ludicrous”.

      (now that we’re done with your 3rd grade crap)

      I did not “give up” my SSN. That is NOT HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS. I do pay some sales taxes and fuel taxes….for the services rendered by contract. But, you are correct, I owe NO TAXES to the IRS due to the W-8 BEN (not “giving up some number).

      Years ago I had some “paytridiot” tell me that he could set-up an LLC for me and my wife in NM; because he had a “registered agent”. He had much of my personal information (because he said “he needed it”)…and it was either him or the “registered agent” that made the error on the filing of that LLC. That LLC was shut down…and another LLC was set-up to correct that error, NOT THAT IT’S ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS.

      And, since you’re a financial retard….it should interest you to know that people set-up LLC’S, LLP’s, corporations, trusts…and all other sorts of business entities and “artificial persons” in Nevada, Wyoming, Delaware, and New Mexico….who do not live in those States. In fact, people in Japan…doing business in the US….set up the same type of entities. And, “your State Codes” allow it. In fact, in the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA….at NCGS § 57D-7-01. Authority to transact business. (b) Without excluding other activities that may not constitute transacting business in this State, a foreign LLC is not considered to be transacting business in this State for the purposes of this Chapter by reason of conducting in this State any one or more of the following activities: (3) Maintaining bank accounts

      I maintain a bank account in North Carolina…and BY LAW…it is not consider “doing business” in that State. However, if I was doing “business” in that State….I could simply “get a State license” in accordance with…§ 57D-7-01. Authority to transact business. (a) A foreign LLC may not transact business in this State until it obtains a certificate of authority from the Secretary of State.

      AND FINALLY….yes…..YOU CAN TURN ME IN. The idiot that runs this blog does not know what he’s talking about. (Of course, if you were so damned ignorant of the law yourself…you would have known this….and “YOUR IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE.


      US CODE, TITLE 18, SECTION 4 is “Misprison of a Felony” and States that….”Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

      So, you are actually guilt RIGHT NOW….AT THIS MOMENT….for your failure to report what you are calling “MY CRIMES” to “some judge or other person in the civil or military authority” that is appointed “under the United States”. You could actually be “imprisoned not more than 3 years”, which in Their legalese means that “you could get up to 3 years”…..and you could be fined, as well. They don’t have to….but They usually do.

      So…there’s your “procedure”….since you “know about my crimes”…you are duty-bound and honor-bound to “go report them” as per your obligation to “Follow the Laws of the United States” and the Oath of Allegiance that you have to the United States of America; to BEAR TRUE FAITH to your gubment.

      Now…you must know what the crime is….and since I doubt that you do; based on the stupidity and ignorance that you exhibited here….the crime that will get you the most “kudos” with your “daddy-gubment” is “impersonating a foreign diplomat” found at 18 U.S. Code § 915 – Foreign diplomats, consuls or officers…and it states…”Whoever, with intent to defraud within the United States, falsely assumes or pretends to be a diplomatic, consular or other official of a foreign government duly accredited as such to the United States and acts as such, or in such pretended character, demands or obtains or attempts to obtain any money, paper, document, or other thing of value, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.”

      SEE…there you have it. If you know the LAW…as you are required to BY THE LAW….then you can “do your duty to obey said law” under Title 18 Section 4…and thereby “turn in all criminals” that you want to. Of course, you will be required to give “Testimony” since all “victims” of your ignorance will want to and have a right to “face their accuser”…(a right that neither of you idiots gave to me in this little forum…and a RIGHT for which I am sure that you NORMALLY DEMAND for yourself…as any NORMAL individual would).

      I should “charge” you for this education….since I’m sure that your Daddy Sam is going to love you for “putting an end to my fraud and thievery”. That is, of course, ONCE YOU ACTUALLY PROVIDE PROPER EVIDENCE AND ACTUALLY PROVE SOMETHING..!!!

    • I’m really on this, now. This comment…”boast of getting out of speeding tickets” with “fake passport that he prints at his home computer”. This entire post has the “appearance” of being written by a retard. The “personally know” part…combined with “misspelled” words…such as “website were people” instead of “where people”. No one would give someone with this “spelling” problem any credibility.

      But…”Ludacris”…that’s intentional. The word is “ludicrous”; while “LUDACRIS” is the name of a “rapper”. No one, except someone trained in certain “linguistics” (like me) would “cap” a word like this in the middle of a sin-tense…and also use “a Name” (capitalized) like you did.

      And, no one on my site would know a thing about Davishar, because all payments went to Anogy…on Paypal and not to Davishar. So, this mention…on any other site; is superfluous. Any one other than me and possibly members on the website…would not find this “odd”….and yet you mentioning it AT ALL….is “odd”.

      But that LLC is defunct…and other LLCs have been set up since that time; by properly registered agents in those States.

      To say “Heard of”….and “maybe he resurrected from the dead to form this company for his grandson”….uh…you’re not even close to being a woman. Women don’t think like this; and most women would never do this type of research.

      And, it’s posted on November 4th; Loper….a very significant day.

      Well…this is all interesting indeed. I’m sure that the “nudge” (yiddish) that runs this blog; ain’t gonna let my comments “SEE…the HOLY-light of day”. So what’s next? I’m moving forward; since….THERE IS NO CHOICE.

  6. What is the present connection between the ‘D of M’ and Jeffery Thayer and/or Richard MacDonald? They were both involved some years ago.

    • mikulpepper says:

      Thayer used to promote the “corporation sole” concept, a gimmick to avoid taxes and such. He sold info at $500 a pop to suckers. (More here: McDonald used to style himself Ambassador to the Dominion of Melchizedek but switched the name to “Republic of New Lemuria”. I have no recent info on either person.

    • There is no connection between DoM and Mr. Thayer or Richard McDonald. Mr. McDonald was the President of the DoM until he was asked to resign by the Body-Politic. This occurred in July of 2003 and is discussed during a Body-Politic meeting in February of 2015. The history of the DoM along with a transcript can be seen/read on the Notice section of the Dominion of Melchizedek official Government website.

      Since the signing of the new Charter in 2012, All Rights, Title, and Authority was turned over to Prime Minister David Williams which marked the beginning of the current Administration and current Standing Members of the Body-Politic. There are only a handful of people who are Members of the Body-Politic today. No one that was involved prior to 2012 is still a Member of the State except Prime Minister Williams.

      You may also see his replies to this article above. All current Members have Pledged their life, fortune and honor to building the state via exercising Their Right to Self Determination as found in International Law under Peaceful Settlements of disputes.

      The majority of the information floating around about the Dominion of Melchizedek is hearsay, speculative, bias, and accusatory claims with no verification and does not reflect the current internal/external situation of the State. The current State of the DoM does not involve itself in the financial markets or print currency. The State focuses on Education, Humanitarian Aid and Business. All of this can be discovered on Their website. It is also stated on Micro Wiki that there has been no criminality in over a decade. A far better track record than every other Nation State on this Planet.

      The current Government Structure of the DoM is based on International Law and the Law of Nations, not “Corporate Sole” or any other false paper ideology that has never or will never exist in reality.

      • David Williams says:

        Allow me to answer this correctly. There have never been any accurate reports about the DoM; since NO ONE that was ever associated with the DoM has ever been prosecuted as a Member of DoM or for activities related to the DoM. The only accurate report ever is on one website and that is the US SEC site. DoM was apparently trying to “license banking”…but since all banking on Planet Earth is done by Treaty and Agreement among States…that activity went nowhere due to failure to get the Agreement among the Family of Nations.

        I now operate DoM in accordance with the principles and protocols found in the LAW OF NATIONS and by agreed up “peremptory norms” of International Law. The State operates by the terms of Peaceful Settlement found in UN Resolutions on the Right of Self Determination. What anyone is “doing with DoM” is not everyone’s business…since all States operate among each other via Private International Law.

        Richard McDonald was asked to resign and did resign in June of 2008; based on my insistence that he was not properly “in office” because he has a website up called “State-citizen”. You cannot be a President of a State/nation and be a California/US citizen at the same time. This policy can be found on the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE’s Website. Therefore, since he still claims that he is a US citizen and/or California State citizen….nothing he has done is correct in accordance with LAW OF NATIONS, US Protocols, or International Protocols…and no claims of the DoM have been taken by or granted to Richard James McDonald to “form a new State”.

        Jeffrey Thayer is just another US citizen CROOK…like many in the US. He was looking to use DoM for his own nefarious purposes; and was unsuccessful at it. He was seeking some sort of immunity to carry on his illegal United States’ operations. All that this proved was that Thayer was truly double-minded and unstable.

        It is time that you folks that want “real answers” and not a bunch of PRO–PAGAN–DA…start asking for information from the “horse’s mouth”. That is…if you really want a “real” answer…and want to understand the Right of Self Determination….and not a bunch of speculative garbage and nonsense spewed out by third, fourth, and fifth party hearsay…such as is found on this little blog. Otherwise…these false allegations….such as the one in the article that “DoM started and funded First Bank in Grenada” (which is just one among the multitude here)….are just blatant lies regurgitated by “the ignorant and uninformed” …like the “misinformed reporter” that wrote this article on this truly obscure website.

        And why all this interest over activity that happens over 15 years ago? I don’t get it. The only thing ever discussed about or in the United States or Canada that happened over a decade ago is the WTC 911 event and Bill Clinton getting a blowjob…. YET…people want to keep talking about “allegedly activity” that is “allegedly related” to the Dominion of Melchizedek that was performed by MAINLY US citizens….SOME OF WHICH ARE DEAD, today. It’s mind boggling and NO ONE even bothers to perform the least bit of “true investigative reporting”. Not on this site or Wikipedia…or anywhere else.

      • Correction on a typo….Mr. McDonald stepped down in 2008, not 2003.

  7. Lucy says:

    “Ambassador Brian Smith” and “Prime Minister David Williams” or William David Parker (birth name that I’m guess you are too ASHAMED to go by), where exactly is DoM? Where can we find that on the map? Do you live in your country of DoM or do you still live in the United States of America? What is odd to me that if the United States is so terrible and you want to no longer be a US Citizen, then why the hell are you still here?

    • David Williams says:

      Lucy, is it? I think “we’ve” been down this path before. As I recall, you stated (above) that you “personally know me”. After this comment, you proceeded to inform the jerk that put up the hearsay article about all of the private, personal information about me that “you know”….things about my business and my grandfather; my computer, and the fact that my computer “allegedly prints passports”…etc. Of course, these are things that only “an insider” (of some sort) would know, since some of what you wrote is not exactly a matter of public record. (like knowing that “Davishar” is one of my former companies, and that it was originally incorrectly filed in the State of New Mexico…and since my name has never been on any records in New Mexico…only someone that does “truly” know me and “has access” to ALL of my records, would be aware of such)
      And, of course, since there are NO WOMEN around me that have any of this information…other than my ex-wife…then you’re not a woman and you don’t use “your birth name” either…do you, “Lucy”? Why would you use a “false pen-name” of a woman, when you are clearly not a woman…and then accuse or hint of someone else of “feeling ashamed about an old appellation”?
      Now, if you “personally know me”…which I am sure that you do based on the information that you already posted 14 months ago…then you know all about “My (name)” and all the why’s and wherefore’s of a name “given” to you by someone, versus a name that You Choose to be called by. Right, Lucy? (It has to do with “your own calling or call sign/sigil” versus “being told who you are”; which you already know about, because you “know me personally” and you don’t use your own “birth” name).
      This means that you also know the answers to the other questions that you posted. Since anyone that “knows me” so well and could find out about what I may or may not do with a computer in my own home or office in Florida…could easily ascertain information on these questions. (although I’m having a hard time figuring out “why now” after 14 months…?)
      The questions you posted are….
      Where exactly is DoM? (ask the jerk that wrote the article…he knows)

      Where can we find that on the map? (who is “we”?)

      Do you live in your country of DoM or do you still live in the United States of America? (I’m on Earth. So do you. The USA is a juridical construct/personality; an “State” entity of International Law by “right” of International Law…like the DoM.)

      What is odd to me that if the United States is so terrible and you want to no longer be a US Citizen, then why the hell are you still here? (Vulgarity?? Really, now. Lots of folks no longer want to be US citizens and they are “switching jurisdiction and nationality” at an increasing rate. And, I’ve never said that “the United States or the United States of America is “so terrible”. I’ve done thousands of hours of audio and video and printed writing on International Law and the Right of Self Determination….and NEVER have I stated that the “United States is “terrible”. In fact, the USA has written to me on 5 separate occasions as Ambassador-at-Large for the DoM. Many foreigners and foreign dignitaries come to the USA for many business and political reasons. The USA has more embassies and Ambassadorial reps on “American soil” that any other nation on the planet. Why is that difficult to understand? )

      I have a question for you…”if” the Founders of the USA were tired of the King of Great Britain, why didn’t they leave the “King’s Country/colonies” and head off to “form a State” somewhere else, vs usurping the “king’s colonists” as their “land tax payees”?

      If you can find the type of information you put out about some little farm-boy who was originally sold as a bond-servant for an obscure and alleged debt that he didn’t create, then I’m certain that you know exactly where I am, why I changed my name, why “the hell” I’m still “here”…and all about everyone’s right to change their Nationality at any time they please in accordance with the UDHR (art. 15) … and everyone’s Right to Self Determination…and everyone’s Right to “live and sojourn” on this planet (as per Law of Nations, book 2, sections 125 and 135)…etc, etc, etc.
      Thanks for making contact.

      It’s nice to know that you’re still around, “Lucy” and I hope that you’re doing well….brother. And, I mean that sincerely; I’m not trying to be LUDICRIS.

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