Fairy Doors

When Jonathan Wright was renovating his Ann Arbor, Michigan home in 1993, he was surprised to find a tiny door — one presumably used by tiny people. Jonathan had added a four foot access door to the under stairs space when he found the tiny door in the baseboard.

When the door is open, you can see stairs leading up to another door which is apparently always locked.

Further investigation revealed another tiny door beside the fireplace:

Jonathan Wright's daughters discover the fireplace door

Then Jonathan discovered that it wasn’t only his house, there were fairy doors all over the city of Ann Arbor. Some of them are outside doors on local businesses:

Many doors can be seen here. Some no longer exist. When a business closes down, the fairies leave and take their doors with them.

But Ann Arbor is not the only place that has fairy doors. In fact, they seem rather widely distributed. This one is from Brighton, Ohio:


Now that I know how to look, I expect to find a fairy door or two in my town and you, too, might discover some in the place where you live.


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