Jack Chick Dramatized

Jack Chick’s tracts are well-known, maybe forty million have been distributed around the world. Now, some are being dramatized. Here’s an example: Bewitched, originally published in 1972 and reprinted (with a character name change) in 2000.

The comic begins in Hell where Satan delays a meeting so that he can watch his favorite show: Bewitched. Why is this his favorite? Because it’s part of an insidious plan to make witchcraft and related wickedness acceptable.

Dramatization of above panels

At the meeting, Satan gets reports on the booming sales of tarot cards and ouija boards, pornography, rising rate of homosexuality, one-world government, and ecumenicalism. Yes, these are all satanic and evil and flourishing like the green bay tree. But there’s one difficulty: a believing grandmother who just won’t stop praying for Ashley, who is otherwise in Satan’s clutches. Her mother is already in Hell and her father (who we never see) is damned.

Satan’s minions get Ashley to attend a seance where the spirit of her mother appears and tells Ashley that everything is okay, But we know that this is not Ashley’s mother, it’s a demon! Meanwhile, Ashley’s granny prays that God will make her come visit so that she can show Ashley the true path.

Curses! Satan’s plan seems to be foiled but wait! Ashley has done so much acid mixed with speed that her circulatory system has begun to “gel”. Ashley has an acid flashback and a massive heart attack.


Ashley’s grandmother prays for God to stave off her death and give the girl a chance to repent. He does and she does, then she dies, but Ashley’s grandmother is content and thanks the Lord for allowing Ashley’s name to be written in the Book of Life. An amazing story! And, before you ask, the dramatization is faithful to the original so the creators’ intent, whether mockery or not, is immaterial.

Full text of Bewitched may be read here.
Video dramatization may be seen here.


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