Occupy Christmas

It’s Christmas for the 1%, too, and they say, “Bah, humbug!” to Occupy Wall Street. John A. Allison IV, a director of BB&T Corp., the ninth-largest U.S. bank: “Instead of an attack on the 1 percent, let’s call it an attack on the very productive. This attack is destructive.” Bernard Marcus, co-founder of Home Depot, is more outfront: He said he isn’t worried that speaking out might make him a target of protesters. “Who gives a crap about some imbecile?” Marcus said. “Are you kidding me?” Oh, but others feel the pain, “It still feels lonely,” sighs Allison.


Well, yes, Christmas used to be a time when the wealthy could count on support from within. Remember Scrooge? “Are there no workhouses?” No, Ebeneezer, sadly they’ve all been privatized. And how about Henry F. Potter, “Are you running a business or a charity ward?” he asks George Bailey. Now that particular movie was investigated by the FBI because it seemed to be anti-capitalist propaganda. Is OWS being investigated? Well, probably, but that pinko in the White House just doesn’t have the jam to call in a drone strike on American citizens. (What? He did what? But that guy was a Muslim, right? So, all right then.)

And, hey! isn’t George Bailey a bit like the current bankers who lent too much money on too little collateral?  “From Bailey to bail-out”, right? Not exactly, because George has a savings and loan operation like the ones that used to be invested in the community. Outfits like Northern Rock were making loans of 120% of property value because they got caught up in the greed of the day, we’re told. Actually, that ship sailed back in the 1980s when Reagan bailed out corrupt savings and loan companies, thus setting a standard for today.

Not Scrooge, Leon Cooperman.

Anyway, we should all remember what Leon Cooperman, former CEO of Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s money-management unit, has to say: “Capitalists ‘are not the scourge that they are too often made out to be’ and the wealthy aren’t ‘a monolithic, selfish and unfeeling lot,’ Cooperman wrote [in an open letter to President Obama]. They make products that ‘fill store shelves at Christmas’ and provide health care to millions.” Exactly. Without the rich, why we probably wouldn’t have Christmas at all. So thank you, Mr. Cooperman; don’t feel lonely, Mr. Allison: the vast, imbecilic 99% still wish you a Merry Christmas!


3 comments on “Occupy Christmas

  1. Dave Lucas says:

    Seasons Greets! In the comments on my blog, a reader asks “You think of Occupy Albany as tho it were a TV series?” Check out my response!



    Occupy Albany is opening its winter home with a grand Christmas dinner!


  2. Klaus Offermann says:

    I think it showed class for the vast imbecilic 99%, to wish the lonely, alienated, selfish and compassion-challenged Allisons, Coopermans, Golisanos and Marcuses of the world, a Merry Christmas.

    A wise woman once told me that the world needs more random acts of kindness. Her wisdom is now supported by science.

    Psychologist and social scientist Dacher Keltner, relying on 12 separate studies measuring empathy, says that the rich are different — and not in a good way. The life experience of the rich apparently makes them less empathetic, less altruistic, and generally more selfish. In contrast, according to Keltner, lower class people show more empathy, more pro-social behavior, and more compassion.


    And it turns out Keltner’s research also demonstrates that cultivating such compassion, makes people happy. In other words cultivating compassion helps to cultivate a very Merry Christmas.

    So the next link is for the 1%. May it help them have a happier Christmas next year.

    I know the Shrine of Dreams will have a very, very Happy New Year.

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