More Ski Video

A while back I posted a skiing clip that was shot in my home town and nearby. That film was excerpted from All.I.Can, a movie that has won a bunch of awards. Anyway, if you liked that clip then check out this promo for All.I.Can that includes a source for getting the complete movie on blu-ray or iTunes or whathaveyou. The film was shot all over the world — Chile, Morocco, Alaska, Canada — and there are some wonderful sequences.

from All.I.Can

There is an environmental message here and one about the way that people live but this is not a boring in-your-face lecture. Check out the part at about 1:45 where you can see the pulse and respiration of the Earth — that is exceptional film-making!

Skiier reflected in an eye.

It’s hard to pull individual shots — this is a motion picture and the movement and editing make for much of the excitement — but there is some stunning photography.

Those are snowflakes falling. Ever tried to photograph a snowflake?


One comment on “More Ski Video

  1. Red Toenails says:

    What???? The eye photo was off the hook! Love it! Great stuff.

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