45th Anniversary

November 26. Today is our forty-fifth wedding anniversary.

Tonight we will have yam and bacon stuffed agnolotti in sage butter. Then we will watch the Canucks extend their winning streak. Kesler scoring a hat trick would be a nice gift.

Ryan Kesler’s picture is on the fridge. (Yes, that picture.) This is not an issue in a forty-five year-old marriage.

Light of my life, fire of my loins, mother of my children. Accomplice in mischief, companion in adventure,partner in crime. Sweetness, subversive -- the struggle continues. Have some more chocolate wedding cake.


4 comments on “45th Anniversary

  1. Hmmm….I read that meal as YARN and bacon…then realized it would be YAM and bacon!!

  2. The Nag says:

    Best wishes for a happy anniversary and many more! I’ve been married a very long time but you have me beat.

  3. bonnie says:

    Good morning, Celeste. What a lovely photo. Take care and enjoy your special day.

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