Statement of purpose: “Warscapes is an independent online magazine that provides a lens into current conflicts across the world. Warscapes publishes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, interviews, book and film reviews, photo-essays and retrospectives of war literature from the past fifty years.”

The first issue contains an English translation of Saadi Yacef’s prison diary (source for the film Battle of Algiers) and an interview with Saadi Yacef himself. There’s a piece on Joe Sacco’s Footnotes In Gaza, a selection from a novel about Cambodia in 1975, an account from Afghanistan, and so on. One piece by Emmanuel Dongala may wind up being referenced quite a bit on the Internet; it’s about child soldiers in Congo:

…a friend of mine trying to get back home from work was caught up in such a roadblock. The kids who manned it demanded a 100 francs ransom to let anyone through. While he stood in line waiting his turn, he watched a relatively young man, who obviously did not have enough money, as he counted and recounted the change he had in his pocket and each time came up short by 20 francs. When the kids pulled him out of the line and started roughing him up with the butts of their guns, one of my friend’s colleagues could not stand it any more and said, “I have 20 francs. I would like to pay for him.”  “Shut up, you shit head,” yelled one of the kids, abruptly turning towards him. “It is his money we want, not yours. Who do you think you are?” And bang, the man was dead!

photo by Les Neuhaus for Warscapes.com


2 comments on “Warscapes

  1. nursemyra says:

    Shit, that is really heavy stuff.

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