Canucks Pucked

For those of you who don’t know, the Vancouver Canucks have a really lousy start this season. They have played like crap the last couple of games, including a 5 – 1 loss where the goalie was the best player on the ice. Last season, the Canucks were far and away the best team in the NHL, even though they lost the Stanley Cup in game 7 of the finals. This season, the best thing they have done is allow Ryan Kesler to appear nude in ESPN magazine.

Young woman embracing her naked Kesler pumpkin (via Pass It To Bulis)

Kesler is a joker who likes to stick his face into other people’s photos — “keslering” is a kind of photobombing and that’s swell, except Kesler needs to stick the puck in the damn net instead and he can do it naked if he wants.

So what do good Canucks do with heroes who are failing them? Well, they mock the living bejesus out of them, that’s what! So GayCanuck who has a site called Puckbuddies has decided to redecorate the team by changing their curtains. (He does Don Cherry, too, but that is such an obvious target it isn’t even funny.) Not all of the Canucks have been redecorated. GayCanuck has missed out on draping that big bear Alain Vigneault, for instance.

Speaking of bruins, the best Canucks blog, Pass It To Bulis, has taken to showing David Booth fighting bears (which he may need to learn to do).

Booth takes on bears

Anyway, as a Canucks fan who has lived with disappointment for forty years, I approve. And if there is any more mockery out there, let it fly! (At least until the team starts playing again.)

Burrows gets keslered through his new curtains (via


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