History of Balls

I have not read this book. I do not plan on buying this book. I just want to note that it exists. From David Brown: Testicles: Balls in Cooking and Culture:

The book opens with a discussion of balls, of pairs, of virility and the general significance thereof; it then delves more deeply into the culinary use of testicles, in history and across cultures; there follows a recipe section that ranges the continents in search of good dishes, from lamb’s fry with mushrooms, to balls with citrus fruit, to the criadillas beloved of bullfighters, and Potatoes Léontine, stuffed with cocks’ stones. To close, there is an extensive glossary, drawing on many languages, that illustrates the linguistic richness that attaches to this part of the body. It is in this section particularly that the ingenuity and intelligence of the translator is on display as he converts the French original into something entirely accessible to the English reader.

I have never heard of Potatoes Léontine before; Now I think I must try them. (Or at least, talk to someone who has.)

(Also, I am delighted to find that WordPress will handle diacritical marks expressed in alt+X mode; I owe a debt to the Spanish and French subjects not spelled properly in previous posts.)


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