Occupy Everywhere

Today I attended Occupy Nelson. Nelson is a city of less than 10,ooo people in the West Kootenay of British Columbia. About 300 people showed up. We didn’t occupy, I guess, we rallied:

Occupy Nelson (via Nelson Star)

Meanwhile, there were things happening other places:

Occupy Wall Street


Occupy Vancouver


Occupy Seoul (via zunguzungu)

Meanwhile, people are still asking, “What’s this all about?”: 

When I went to Occupy Oakland on the first day, a young guy with the familiar bearing of “about to walk you through an activist script” asked me why I was there. I didn’t really know how to answer the question, and I didn’t particularly want to, because the question didn’t make sense for me, somehow. As he walked me through his script, it got worse; he wanted me to talk about how I came to realize that it was time to do something, how I had become aware of economic injustice, what had I heard that brought me here. His entire shtick — because at a certain point his solicitous questions became a pitch from a clipboard — was based on the notion that the problem was essentially epistemological, that the hurdle to economic justice was getting people to realize things. 

He wanted to know fact what had made me decide to come. But there are enough facts written on the wall in burning letters to keep us busy for weeks. I have nothing but facts that make me feel like I should be there. And so do you. We all know that shit is fucked up and bullshit. It just manifestly is. We don’t all agree on why, or what to do about it. But I know, in concrete terms, that the 2007 financial meltdown has made my life prospects a lot worse, and it has done this kindness for yours as well. And the United States is fighting wars everywhere, constantly, forever, and doing it with the money and security you no longer have as a result. I could go on — you could go on — but this is enough. The point is not the facts, but their basic glaring obviousness: we all know it.

 The movement may splinter, it may burn out, it may be violently crushed, it may be starved to death, who knows what may happen. But it hasn’t so far, not yet. And there simply is no other game in town. [from zunguzungu]


Occupy Santiago (via zunguzungu)


Occupy Rome (via zunguzungu)


One comment on “Occupy Everywhere

  1. Well said! This is no time for some to take surveys of why people attend a citizen protest that’s long overdue. There are myriad reasons for populist protest to the governing and financial elitists, who have never explained why they believe greed and corruption of the few is their right. If they have a conscience, they will listen to the voices of millions who seek equality and meaningful reform, and take action to purge their arrogance.

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