Joe Sacco

Joe Sacco is an award-winning journalist who uses comics as his medium. You may already know about Sacco so I’m not going to get into background here. I wanted to post links to some of Sacco’s work that many people haven’t seen because it appeared in the Guardian and has yet to be published as a book or comic.

There’s three links here: “The Unwanted” about refugees in Europe, “Trauma On Loan” about the torture of Iraqis during the recent unpleasantness, and “Complacency Kills” about a team of US Marines in Iraq. Click on the appropriate picture to read them.

The Unwanted

Trauma On Loan

If you are already familiar with Sacco’s work, then you might find this talk he gave at the Walker Art Institue of interest. (Sacco comes on at about 7:45.) If you don’t know about Sacco’s work, read the comics first.

Complacency Kills (Warning: very large PDF file. Be patient.)


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