Wilmington Cigarettes

So I was watching Breaking Bad and Jesse has hidden the poison in a pack of Wilmington cigarettes.  The pack looked familiar and then I recalled another TV series where the suspect was smoking the same brand. Then I saw the Russell Crowe movie Proof of Life and one character pulls out a pack of Wilmington cigarettes.

Jesse's cigs

 These are TV cigarettes, stand-ins for the real thing  just as stage money was once used in American movies because it was illegal to copy the real thing. Probably there are regulations about not showing a genuine brand so that kids don’t try to imitate Jesse. Or maybe Joe Camel wouldn’t pay for product placement.The most famous TV cigarettes are Morleys, the brand favored by Cancerman (yes!) on The X-Files, who probably smoked more cigarettes on air than anyone since Edward R. Murrow.

Fake pack of Morleys


18 comments on “Wilmington Cigarettes

  1. Noots says:

    Hey, great post, I was wondering where the H these cigarettes came from. Actually, what struck me about them is that before Season 4, Jess always smoked Parliament brand cigarettes, unmistakably.

    I know because I struggle trying not to smoke, and those are my brand of choice. Whenever Jesse pulled them out, it hurt!

    • mikulpepper says:

      Are you certain that those were Parliaments and not a look-alike package? Try and find a good screen cap.

      • Shawn says:

        I had noticed that Parliament branding as well. I recently watched the whole season again and paused it to make sure, and he did smoke Parliaments in the first few seasons, then in the fourth season they started showing him with Wilmington smokes…

      • mikulpepper says:

        That’s interesting. I’ll look — but not till after the new season ends.

    • Mark Freeze says:

      I don’t think that if Jesse smokes for example Luckys, and put the poison in one of his Luckys, that calculated we, the people, they love Breaking Bad and especially Jesse are get bad influenced about LUCKY STRIKE Cigarettes.. or that LUCKX STRIKE gets bad Image, because JESSE puts poison in it..hehe BUT Marketing-Rules are unreal and crazy

    • THe rICIN says:

      does jesse smokes 100s of the pfunks or regulars? Lol i wanna be jesse for a haloween party and im curious

  2. Riki says:

    Awesome, the moment I saw the package, I googled the brand to find out if they were real (I’m Spanish, don’t know all the brands you guys have over there).

    Always fun to discover someone shares this kind of weird curiosity about random stuff!

  3. Dustin says:

    I think they used a fake brand of cigarettes when Jesse kept a vial poison in them so that people wouldn’t associate Parliaments with Ricin poisoning.

    • mikulpepper says:

      Dustin, they use fake cigarettes because otherwise they would be advertising a particular brand, which is illegal. But here’s something: in Mad Men they use herbal cigarettes because it is illegal to smoke in the work place.

      • Dustin says:

        He does smoke Parliaments in Season 3 and earlier in Season 4 (before the Ricin poisoning subplot is introduced).

      • W.W. says:

        Via Breaking Bad Wiki:
        “Jesse’s preferred brand of cigarettes are Parliaments. In Season 4 however, commercial cigarettes were replaced with TV cigarettes, as we see Jesse smoking Wilmingtons, which only exists within the realm of Breaking Bad.”

  4. william hinkle says:

    Morley cigarettes are a real brand. They are a knock off of Marlboro, but I have purchased them in stores here in Kentucky.

    • mikulpepper says:

      That’s interesting. Morleys were introduced as a fictional brand for TV back in the 1970s. There is a list of TV appearances on Wikipedia and other places if you Google “morley cigarettes”. At one point the Morley company was sued on X-Files. You can find a print-it-yourself Morley cigarette box here. Maybe someone is selling contraband in these packs.

      • william hinkle says:

        If they are doing that, then it is every store in town working together. I have purchased them in at least ten stores here in my own town. They always have a tax stamp on the bottom, the FSC mark, and SG warning. I never really thought much about it until I came upon this, just thought they were a cheap knock off of Marlboro that doesn’t taste terrible.

  5. Jesse Bickers says:

    To clear everything up, and put all things into one perspective, Jesse Pinkman smoked Parliament Lights from seasons 1-4 (you can clearly see Parliament cigarette packs laying around on tables and in cars, etc..). But in season 4 the producers came up with their own cigarette brand (Wilmington) because no cigarette company wanted their brand associated with the Ricin poisin Walt concocts to kill Gus with.

  6. xaker2334 says:

    which season is it?

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